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Duval Buys Cars is your one-stop dealership group to sell your car in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our designated appraisal team works to ensure you get the offer you deserve for your vehicle. Like many of the new national companies offering to purchase your car, we offer a simple and fast selling process for our customers. However, since we are a local Jacksonville company, where other national companies are often inflexible, we're able to work with you for your unique situation. 

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Serving Jacksonville Since 1916 with Pride

Duval Motor Company has been serving the greater Jacksonville area since 1916, with many dealerships under the Duval name. Whether you wish to buy, lease, trade-in, or sell your vehicle, you can find expert, friendly help at any of our locations: Duval Acura, Duval Ford, Duval Honda, Duval Chevrolet, and Duval Subaru. 

Appraise Your Way at Any Duval Location

Have your vehicle appraised online in a few seamless steps and receive an informative report based on your vehicle's condition and your area. To start, simply enter your vehicle's make, model, trim, and year to see what the market currently looks like for your vehicle and other similar models. We use this information and current market conditions to determine the maximum amount we're able to pay for your car, truck, SUV, convertible, van, or other vehicle. We believe in transparency and ensuring you'll be happy working with Duval dealerships for years to come. 

Once you're ready to finalize the offer or if you choose to have your vehicle appraised in-person, you can visit any of our Jacksonville, Starke, or Gainesville locations to have your vehicle quickly inspected by our team. We are also able to come to you with an at-home or at-work appraisal, to save you any hassle.  

No Obligation Offer for Your Car 

When you work with Duval Buys Cars, we provide no-obligation offers. This means that we will never pressure you to accept an offer that does not work for you. We believe in truly providing our customers with the offers they want. Work directly with one of our expert team members to find a solution that works for you. Remember, we are always here to answer your questions or speak about your selling concerns. 

We Provide Higher Offers Than Our Competitors

There is no use in hiding it: we provide our customers with higher offers than our competitors do. Using data from relevant market information and by speaking with you, we can develop an offer that satisfies your wants and needs. If you have questions about your offer, we are always available to discuss it.

We Also Offer Trade-Ins & Lease Return Options

Did you decide you would rather trade-in your vehicle in Florida? That is perfectly fine. We have a wide selection of high-quality cars, SUVs, and trucks from across our lineup that we are sure you will love.

Please also be aware that customers can return their current leases to us. We have a remarkable team ready to help you return your leased car from any brand, even if you didn't buy at a Duval dealership.