When evaluating used cars during the trade-in process, most dealerships look at a vehicle's title or deed to determine its previous owners and information about its previously-issued condition. However, some drivers do not have a title for their vehicle for one reason or another. While some might assume a car without a title is a stolen one, others have simply gotten abandoned or inherited by people without a proper transfer of documentation. If you find yourself in possession of a car without a title, let us tell you more about how you can sell it for cash with Duval Buys Cars.

Getting Your Car Properly Registered

Some car titles get lost or stolen and should be replaced. Other vehicles often get left abandoned on people's property or inherited by someone through a deceased relative. Some cars have bills left on them or are, in fact, stolen. While any evidence of theft should be reported immediately to the police, if you acquired the vehicle legally, here are a few ways you can sell it without a title:

  • Replace Title: The Department of Motor Vehicles can issue replacements/duplicates for lost, damaged, or stolen titles. There will be a fee required but selling the car can provide you with a reimbursement for this amount.
  • Apply for "Demonstration Only" Plate: If the vehicle has no license plates, you can apply for a "Demonstration Only" plate through the DMV. This tag will make the car road safe for test drives.
  • Pay Off Existing Lien: Some car titles cannot transfer if money remains unpaid on the car and the State of Florida bans the sale of vehicles with existing liens. If you have the previous owner's bill of sale handy, you can contact the lienholder of the car to find out its existing balance.
  • Fill Out HSMV 82040: The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department (HSMV) requires a form to complete successful title reassignment. The buyer of the new car must complete HSMV form 82040, or "Application for Certificate of Title with/Without Registration" to acquire a new title for the car in their name.

Sell us Your Car Today

You can also get a bill of sale for the car as it was purchased or acquired previously, which can serve as documentation that the vehicle has legal ownership. Make sure to save all forms of documentation as you pay off the lien and acquire a new title. Once your car gets a new title or certification you can sell it to Duval Buys Cars. If you need any help in acquiring a new title or documentation, do not hesitate to contact our team for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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