So, you want to sell your old car. In Florida, there are several steps you’ll need to take to sell your car on your own. If you’re getting ready to put that ad up on Craigslist or Facebook Market, be sure to go over this checklist of things you’ll need to grab before making a sale:

  1. An electronic secure title reassignment form (form HSMV 82994 or HSMV 82092)
  2. A title replacement form (HSMV 82101), if the original paper title has been lost
  3. A Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification, form HSMV 82042
  4. Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration, form HSMV 82040
  5. A Bill of Sale, form HSMV 82050, preferably notarized
  6. Odometer Disclosure Form (if applicable)

A private sale does not require notarization in the state of Florida. However, if your vehicle was not previously titled in Florida, you’ll need form HSMV 82042 notarized. This is done in most cases, as people usually retire or relocate from another state to the state of Florida.

Selling with Duval vs. Selling Privately

We highly recommend utilizing our ‘Duval Buys Cars’ initiative program, allowing you to skip the leg work and let us do the paperwork, advertising, and sale. A lot can go into selling a car that you may not have time for, such as:

  1. Applying for a “demonstration only” temporary license plate tag
  2. Paying off the existing lien and/or applying for a replacement title (if applicable)
  3. Having the VIN inspected by an authorized representative
  4. Transferring the vehicle’s title
  5. Creating a Bill of Sale and removing the vehicle’s license plate

Such tedious and lengthy steps to junk a car you don’t want can be exhausting and time-consuming. Take the burden off your shoulders by allowing our experienced professionals do the hard work for you. If you have any questions about selling your car to Duval Buys Cars, reach out to us in Jacksonville and get the best deal possible.