If you've been thinking about getting a new or used car, truck or SUV, the first step is to sell or trade-in the vehicle you're driving now. You can do that the old-fashioned way by trying to sell your vehicle yourself but ultimately, you'll find it isn't worth all the hassle. You can sell or trade-in your car to us and suddenly, life becomes much simpler. Here are some FAQs that will help you understand how we work and the advantages of selling your car to us at Duval Buys Cars in Jacksonville FL.

Why is selling my car to you easier than selling it myself?

Selling a car yourself can be time-consuming and not terribly profitable. That's why we invite you to sell your convertible, car, truck, SUV or van to us. One benefit is that you avoid having to handle the advertising yourself. It's not easy convincing a total stranger around Orange Park or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL to buy the car you no longer want. We can take that burden off your hands when you sell directly to us. You don't have to be a marketing genius because we're already motivated to buy your car. Find out more about how easy it is to sell my car.

How fast can you make the sale happen?

When you deal with us, you can enjoy an immediate sale of your vehicle. You can drive to our dealership and work out a deal in as quickly as one hour. By contrast, if you try to make the sale to a private buyer, it can take weeks or even months before you find somebody who's really serious. You can avoid all the complications by selling directly to us. We can give you a check and you'll have all the leverage you need to buy the car you want next.

What's involved in trading-in my car?

Trading-in your current car is an easy way to upgrade to something newer or get an entirely different kind of vehicle without having to go through the complications of selling your car on your own. Not only is it more convenient to trade-in your vehicle to us but there are other benefits as well. You can get your vehicle appraised online with our value your trade tool.

After you get your online appraisal with our Value Your Trade tool, you can visit any of our locations or you can simply bring your vehicle and have it appraised in person. We can even come to your home in St. Augustine or Gainesville FL and save you the trouble of finding time in your busy schedule.

Is it true that today's world is no longer a seller's market?

Yes, things are not quite the same as they were a year or two ago. The global shortage of vehicles made prices for used vehicles go way up and you can still get the benefits of those elevated values. But with the economy cooling off, buyers have more leverage than they did in the past and that can make your job tougher as a seller. But your job is easy when you come to Duval Buys Cars because we’re ready to buy your vehicle.

What are the advantages of dealing with your staff?

We have been meeting the automotive needs of our customers since 1916. No business can survive that longwithout living by the Golden Rule and putting the needs of our customers first. Our staff consists of experienced, friendly people who operate in a no-pressure environment. It's much better than trying to deal with total strangers at your home or in a parking lot. Our staff is trained to make your experience comfortable and transparent.

Find out more about the many benefits of trading or selling your car directly to us at Duval Buys Cars in Jacksonville and other Florida locations.

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