Are you looking to sell a used car near Orange Park, FL? Do you want to upgrade your current vehicle, but you want to make sure that you get good value? We know that selling or trading a car can be a stressful experience for many folks, but our team wants to take the angst out of the process. At Duval Buys Cars, we aim to make selling or trading your pre-owned vehicle a simple and convenient experience. Our experienced team knows how to simplify and streamline the entire process, as well as give you the value you deserve for your used car, truck, or SUV.

Why Does Our Dealership Want Your Car?

You might wonder why a car dealer near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL wants to buy your vehicle. After all, aren’t dealerships supposed to sell vehicles? The reason that we want to buy or take your car, truck, or SUV in trade is because we have to keep up with the demand from our customers.

As one of the more well-known used car dealers near St. Augustine, FL, we are always looking to provide folks with the kind of choices they want to see when they are shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. We know that one of the advantages of shopping for a used car is the selection. You get to choose from a variety of vehicles, as well as compare your top options side-by-side. This is the kind of experience we want to provide for all of our customers.

It is the reason that we want to offer you top dollar for your pre-owned vehicle, whether you are looking to trade or sell.

What is the Advantage of Selling My Car to Duval Buys Cars?

If you are looking to sell a used car near Gainesville, FL, you may think that doing it on your own is your best option. While it is certainly your choice, it may not be the best decision. Selling your vehicle privately will mean that you need to take on a lot of responsibility and give up some of your free time.

Selling a car isn’t as easy as putting it on your lawn and hoping for the best. It involves a lot of legwork and preparation. For example, when you sell a car, you will need to let the public know that it is available. This means that you will need to advertise.

Once you have advertised your vehicle, you will also need to answer any questions that interested folks may have about it. Some of the interested parties may want to arrange a test drive. You will need to coordinate that into your schedule.

In the event that someone wants to make an offer for your used car, you will need to negotiate the price. There is no guarantee that the person will want to pay market value for your vehicle. Even if you agree on a selling price, you will still need to complete all of the required DMV paperwork.

Selling or trading your car to Duval Buys Cars means that you get to avoid that headache. We make the process of selling or trading your vehicle to our team streamlined and simple.

How Can I Sell or Trade My Pre-Owned Vehicle to Duval Buys Cars?

Selling or trading your car to Duval Buys Cars can be as easy as following our three step process. Since our team is experienced, you can count on an efficient and pleasant time that ends with you getting an aggressive market value offer for your used car, truck, or SUV. Just follow these steps:

  • Step One: Complete our online form to get an estimate of the worth of your current vehicle. Provide as much accurate information as possible to get the best estimate
  • Step Two: Schedule an in-person appraisal with the expert team at Duval Buys Cars. We will review the information provided on the online form and complete an examination of your vehicle.
  • Step Three: Receive the final offer from our team. Once you accept this offer, you can use the credit toward a new vehicle or walk away with a check for your car’s value

If you owe money on the car you are trying to trade or sell, our team will pay off your auto loan for you. You can use the remaining value toward a new car or receive it in a check.

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Duval Buys Cars looks forward to buying your pre-owned vehicle or taking it in trade. Start the easy process by completing our online trade-in form today.

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