Selling Your Vehicle Without a Title in Florida

When evaluating used cars during the trade-in process, most dealerships look at a vehicle's title or deed to determine its previous owners and information about its previously-issued condition. However, some drivers do not have a title for their vehicle for one reason or another. While some might assume a car without a title is a stolen one, others have simply gotten abandoned or inherited by people without a proper transfer of documentation. If you find yourself in possession of a car without a title, let us tell you more about how you can sell it for cash with Duval…

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Don't Miss Out on the Tax Savings When You Trade in Your Car in Florida

Are you a Floridian who is thinking of trading in their vehicle for something newer? At Duval Buys Cars, we offer our customers top dollar for their used cars, trucks, and SUVs. We are also the experts when it comes to trading or selling a vehicle. If you want to find the most advantageous way of trading in your pre-owned vehicle, you should come to one of our dealership locations. Our team can tell you all about the tax savings you will receive by trading your vehicle in Florida.

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