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Duval Buys Cars: Get top dollar for your car, truck or SUV

At Duval Buys Cars in Jacksonville FL, we're in the business of buying cars and paying a substantial amount of money for them. we have a long history of making generous offers for whatever you drive. We know your car, truck or SUV has a great deal of value and we're willing to give it to you. We want to help you find your way to your next vehicle and do it affordably. Our outstanding cash or trade-in offer is just the booster rocket you need to drive your dream car home.

Would you like to sell your used truck? We're ready to buy

Perhaps you've been driving a Ford F-150 pickup and some of the thrill has worn off. So maybe you're ready for a brand-new F-150. We can make you a generous cash or trade-in offer that will help you get to your destination. Or you might be driving a used Chevy Silverado 1500, a used Ram 1500, or a used GMC Sierra 1500 pickup. We'll make you a handsome cash or trade in offer to help you drive your next truck to your home in Orange Park or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Would you like to sell your used SUV? We'd like to buy it

You might be driving a Toyota RAV4, the best-selling SUV in the country and you have probably loved the level of Toyota reliability that you've been getting. But you might be ready for a brand-new Toyota RAV4 or another outstanding SUV like the Honda CR-V. We'd like to buy your SUV from you.

Perhaps you're driving a Chevy Equinox that you're ready to sell and you'll be glad to know we're the best the place to sell it. Maybe you've been driving a Ford Explorer, Ford Escape or Ford Edge. We're in a position to make you a very attractive offer on whatever SUV you're driving around St. Augustine or Gainesville FL.

We're in the market for used sedans: Let us make you a great offer

There's a whole world of buyers out there who are looking for a used Toyota Camry, the most popular sedan in America. If you have one you want to sell, we're ready to buy it. You might have a used Toyota Corolla that you're ready to sell and we'll be happy to buy it from you. If you want to sell your used Honda Accord or Honda Civic, we have a great deal of respect for those models as well and will make you an attractive offer.

Sell your car to people who are eager to buy it

After more than 50 years in the business, we have helped thousands of people sell their vehicles so they can move on to the car they want next. While our dealerships are based around Jacksonville FL, we have a market of drivers nationwide. All you have to do is go online and get an appraisal for your vehicle. Once you do that, our team will be in touch.

Get an outstanding trade-in for your vehicle

When you make a trade-in deal with us, we can provide you with a wide assortment of choices. With our generous trade-in offer, you'll get credit that you can use toward another exciting car, truck or SUV in our stock. You can find a variety of brands and popular models offered by our dealerships. Our sales consultants can help you find the right match when you're ready to upgrade your ride.

We won't waste your time

You have better things to do with your time than waiting for people to show interest in your vehicle. Come visit us and we'll pay you cash on the spot or give you an amazing trade-in offer. Get in touch with one of our buying centers and let's make a deal today at Duval Buys Cars.

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  1. Duval Motor Company

    1725 Memorial Park Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32204

    • Sales: 904-354-3300
  2. Duval Acura

    11225 Atlantic Boulevard
    Jacksonville, FL 32225

    • Sales: (904) 725-8000
  3. Duval Buys Cars

    1725 Memorial Park Dr
    Jacksonville, FL 32204

    • Sales: 904-388-0509
  4. Duval Chevrolet

    1018 North Temple Ave
    Starke, FL 32091

    • Sales: (904) 263-5121
  5. Duval Ford

    1616 Cassat Ave.
    Jacksonville, FL 32210

    • Sales: (904) 516-9988
  6. Duval Ford

    1616 Cassat Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32210

    • Sales: (904) 387-6541
  7. Duval Honda

    1325 Cassat Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32205

    • Sales: (904) 387-9024
  8. Subaru of Gainesville

    4025 North Main Street
    Gainesville, FL 32609

    • Sales: 352-872-5113
  9. Dana Safety Supply

    1725 Memorial Park Dr

    • Sales: (904) 380-4230
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