Sell My Car in Jacksonville

Sell Your Car to Duval Buys Cars in Florida

We know it can be exhausting having to sell your car privately. That's why Duval Motor Company encourages you to sell your convertible, car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle to us when the time comes to avoid the hassle of advertising, paperwork, and curious buyers.

Benefits of Selling Us Your Vehicle

  • Avoid advertising yourself: Persuading strangers in Florida to buy a car you no longer want can be difficult and intimidating. Let us take the burden off your hands by selling to us. We don't need you to be a marketing genius to want to buy your car.
  • Immediate sale: Sell your vehicle as soon as possible by selling to us. When you choose to sell yourself privately, it can take weeks and even months before you get a serious buyer. Avoid the hassle altogether by making a quick sale with our team.
  • Not affected by seasonal or competitor rates: In a seller's market, you must adhere to the season's trends. With us, anytime is a good time to sell your vehicle.
  • Trusted and friendly staff: No more awkward interactions with strangers in the parking lots of Starke and Gainesville. Our credited staff is professionally trained to make your experience comfortable and transparent.

Selling Made Easy

The Duval process is made simple for customers to make a seamless transition when selling an old car. You can start by either starting an online appraisal or by visiting any of our Duval Motor Company locations, such as:



And Gainesville

When you visit one of our locations, we'll set up an appraisal in the office or schedule a visit to your home for an appraisal if needed.

How Does an Online Appraisal Work?

Once you complete a request for an online appraisal for your car, you'll receive a detailed market report on your vehicle. Next, you'll be contacted by one of Duval's experienced appraisers to talk more about your vehicle and the options you have to sell. An amount can be agreed upon either over the phone, in-office or at your own house. Afterward, the check will be available for pickup or delivery by the next business day.

Trade-in Options with Duval Motor Company

Because of our various locations, we have plenty of opportunities for you to use your car for trade-in value towards a purchase at one of our Jacksonville, Starke, or Gainesville dealerships. Offering plenty of popular name brands, we make purchasing a new or used vehicle easy by giving you multiple options.

If you have any questions about trading in your vehicle for a vehicle on one of our lots, be sure to reach out to our sales team. We'll direct you to a suitable location with a car you're looking for and get you connected with their sales team if you aren't already.

Sell Your Car the Duval Way

Get started by contacting us or by or completing the form for a complimentary appraisal. We'll need your car's information, such as the year, make, model, and trim. We'll then need your contact information so that we can go over the condition of your car and present a reasonable price we can both agree on.

If you're looking to schedule an appraisal in person either at your home or one of our offices, give us a call today. We'll be happy to work around your schedule to have an appraiser take a look at your vehicle and make an offer.

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