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Sell Your Car to Duval Buys Cars in Florida

We know it can be exhausting having to sell your car privately. That's why Duval Motor Company encourages you to sell your convertible, car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle to us when the time comes to avoid the hassle of advertising, paperwork, and curious buyers.

Benefits of Selling Us Your Vehicle

  • Avoid advertising yourself: Persuading strangers in Florida to buy a car you no longer want can be difficult and intimidating. Let us take the burden off your hands by selling to us. We don't need you to be a marketing genius to want to buy your car.
  • Immediate sale: Sell your vehicle as soon as possible by selling to us. When you choose to sell yourself privately, it can take weeks and even months before you get a serious buyer. Avoid the hassle altogether by making a quick sale with our team.
  • Not affected by seasonal or competitor rates: In a seller's market, you must adhere to the season's trends. With us, anytime is a good time to sell your vehicle.
  • Trusted and friendly staff: No more awkward interactions with strangers in the parking lots of Starke and Gainesville. Our credited staff is professionally trained to make your experience comfortable and transparent.

Selling Made Easy

The Duval process is made simple for customers to make a seamless transition when selling an old car. You can start by either starting an online appraisal or by visiting any of our Duval Motor Company locations, such as:



And Gainesville

When you visit one of our locations, we'll set up an appraisal in the office or schedule a visit to your home for an appraisal if needed.

How Duval Buys Cars Works for You

No matter what type of car you're looking to sell, our dealership is interested! Sedans, Hybrids, EVs, vintage or classic car, convertibles, and more, we can't wait to see what you bring in. Not only do we look at every type of vehicle, but we cater to drivers all across America. Near or far, we use several factors to give our customers a fair market value when they choose to sell to us.

Use our online appraisal tool and input some information about your vehicle. This includes the general condition, make, model, body style, trim, and year. After this, you will receive an online estimate, and then you can set up your final inspection in person with our team. Drivers can skip the online process and head straight to any of our dealerships located in the Gainesville, FL, area. Or if you cannot make it to us, we'll send an appraiser out to you!

Enjoy No Obligation Offers!

When Ponte Vedra Beach drivers receive an offer from our dealership, our team will never pressure you into selling. We want this to be a stress-free process, and if you don't like the offer, you can negotiate with our team. Our team will work with you until we find a solution that all parties can agree on.

Selling a car is a big deal, and working with a dealership might seem overwhelming! We offer any and all vehicle appraisals and estimates with no strings attached. If you have a question or concern when selling your vehicle, don't hesitate to ask!

Offers & Appraisals St. Augustine Drivers Can Expect

At Duval Buys Cars, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers compared to other dealerships. As such, we can typically offer sellers a better offer than our competitors. Our online tools available to assess your vehicle pulls relevant market data to ensure the offer is fair on all accounts. Furthermore, when one of our team members looks at your vehicle in person, they might deem the value higher than the original online offer. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the deal provided, so remember to ask questions or bring up any concerns you might have.

Learn More at Duval Buys Cars Today!

Our dealership aims to make selling your car simple and easy for anyone. Selling a car is a great way to make some extra cash that can be put towards another vehicle. Cut the middleman out and sell your vehicle quickly with a trusted team that has been in the business for years! Sellers can travel to any of our locations or take the steps online to continue selling remotely on your time.

Drivers thinking about selling should also investigate our trade-in options. We have a variety of stock available when drivers are looking to trade in. For more information, give us a call or explore our website to learn about the trade-in or selling process. We can't wait to hear from you and discover what type of car, truck, or SUV you'd like to sell today.

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