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Vehicle Appraisals at Duval Buys Cars

Whether you're shopping for a new or used car in the Jacksonville area or simply want to sell your vehicle, get it appraised online or in-person with Duval Buys Cars. Our website is a great place to start and get the most accurate assessment for your old car, using real-time data from the local car market. We pay our customers top dollar for their trade, no matter the make or model of your old car. Get your car appraised online or visit one of our locations in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Let Duval Buys Cars Appraise Your Vehicle!

Find Great Deals at Our Dealership Around Jacksonville!

Duval Buys Cars has been in the automotive business for a long time! There is no place better than us to bring your vehicle when you're ready to sell. At our dealership, we give drivers options and do a lot of the legwork regarding the appraisal and sale of their vehicles.

Traditional selling can be overwhelming, stressful, and take a long time! Not to mention there are a lot of moving parts that need to line up for you to even get a deal. By turning to our team and having your vehicle appraised with us, the selling process will be streamlined, and you'll be paid cash on the spot!

What Factors Do We Consider When Making an Offer for Your Vehicle?

When appraised in-person, our experienced appraiser will evaluate the vehicle up close. Using algorithms, our vehicle appraisal report evaluates several different factors when determining your vehicle's value. You'll receive this objective third-party report without charge. Many factors help us determine how much we're able to pay you for your vehicle. We always aim to give you a fair and competitive offer!

  • Supply: Your final trade-in appraisal report will include a map that shows how many vehicle like yours are on sale in or near the Jacksonville area.
  • Value Range: The value range is a scatterplot graph that shows where your vehicle's value falls in dollars and lists a few cars within a 50-mile radius that are like yours.
  • Demand: There will also be a small bar graph that tells you about your car's demand by showing you, on average, how many days it would take to sell your car, versus how long it would take to sell the average vehicle like yours. If the bar for your car is lower than that of the average, it means that your car is in higher demand and that you should be able to sell it within a shorter time frame.
  • Costs: The form evaluates potential costs associated with your vehicle and how much its value can be decreased through factors like depreciation, advertising costs, net profit, and more.
  • Estimated Value: At the bottom of your trade-in form will be a total value range for your vehicle. Our team will assess your car's condition in-person and, depending on any repairs it may need, will make you an offer within this dollar range. You may not receive the highest value possible.
  • Condition: Our appraisers will look at the car's title and its past service records when appraising the car in-person. If there are any discrepancies that exist between the report and your car's actual condition, we will make a note of it. Likewise, if you still owe money on the car, or it needs critical repairs, we will factor these costs in when appraising it.

Sell us Your Car Today

We invite you to get your car appraised online using our free online appraisal tool at Duval Buys Cars. If you'd prefer to meet in-person, contact us to set up an appointment at your home or at one of our dealerships in the Jacksonville area. We are proudly serving drivers throughout Ocala, St. Augustine, and Callahan areas and we hope to hear from you soon!

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